Average salary

Cost of Living

Cost of living is the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living. Changes in the cost of living over time are often show result in a cost of living index. Cost of living calculations are also used to compare the cost of maintaining a certain standard of living in different geographic areas.

Products and services

Saint-Petersburg Vyborg
Rent (1 bedroom) 41,549.04 rubles 24,528.25 rubles
Groceries 1200.25 rubles 964.38 rubles
Restaurants 2512.06 rubles 2041.04 rubles
Transportation 3286.14 rubles 2400.52 rubles
Sports And Leisure 2242.0 rubles 1900.0 rubles
Utilities (Monthly) 2922.56 rubles 2600.58 rubles
Clothing And Shoes 12,595.0 rubles 10,428.50 rubles

Cost of living

Saint-Petersburg Vyborg
Per capita 6116 rubles. 5380 rubles
Children 5372 rubles 5030 rubles
Pensioners 4761 rubles 4260 rubles
Able-bodied population 6790 rubles 5670 rubles

Average salary

Saint-Petersburg Vyborg
Average person 27,387.1 rubles 21,603.4 rubles
Person with high position 55,648.37 rubles 51,459.26 rubles